TC-93083A DPVA Antenna

The TC93083A DPVA Antenna is a Dual Polarized Vivaldi Antenna most commonly used for receiver sensitivity testing and transmitter radiated power testing for Mobile Phones, WLAN, PDA, Bluetooth, LTE, GNSS.

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TC-93083A DPVA Antenna Mechanical Specifications

  • Antenna Type: DPVA(Dual Polarized Vivaldi Antenna)
  • Frequency Range: .6 GHz ~ 8 GHz
  • RF Connector: SMA(F)
  • Dimension: 130(W) x 70(D) x 1(H) mm (for Each)
  • Terminal: 50 ohm
  • VSWR: < 3.5

The TC93083A DPVA Antenna is ideal for inclusion into your testing accessories for testing mmWave,  FR1. The TC93083A DPVA Antenna Dual Polarized in the horizontal and vertical allowing you to test your device in either polarizations without having to rotate your antenna which can save you time. Also, the Dual Polarized Vivaldi antenna gains the advantages from the Vivaldi antenna design making it useful in many applications due to it’s high gain, ultra-wideband(UWB) and broadband(BB) capabilities. The Vivaldi design also allows for a more compact size and most ridge horn antennas so can fit into smaller spaces, such as a RF Shielded Enclosure.  The Vivaldi antenna design incorporated the TC93083A antenna contributing to its very directional capability which is ideal for use within a small confined space.

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