TC-93034A Antenna Coupler, Flat Type

The TC-93034A Antenna Coupler is a Flat Type Antenna Coupler with a frequency range of 80 ~ 2650 MHz.

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TC-93034A Antenna Coupler Key Features:

  • Frequency Range : 80 ~ 2650MHz
  • Coupling Loss : 10 ~ 18 dB
  • VSWR : Better than 1 : 1.7
  • RF connector : SMA(f) on the side
  • Weight total : 1kg
  • Dimensions: 170 x 252 x 8mm
  • Accessories Supplied :
    • 4002-0006, N(m) to SMA(m) cable, 1m, 1pc
    • 4005-0007, SMA(m) R/A to SMA(m) cable, 34cm, 1pc
    • C93030A-A100, Bar Bracket, 2pcs

The TC-93034A Antenna Coupler is ideally suite for use in performing radiated testing of a multitude of wireless technologies in a confined space, such as a faraday cage. Pair one of our RF Shield Boxes with this coupler to make a perfect platform for obtaining repeatable test results.  The coupler is removable so you can place it in your own custom test fixture or choose one of our standard grid fixtures to place the coupler in to obtain consistent repeatable results.  We offer customized test fixtures upon request so ask us!