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STE3300F RF Shielded Test Enclosure (Forensics Edition)
STE3300F RF Shielded Test Enclosure (Forensics Edition)

RF Shield Box STE3300F Key Benefits

  • Wireless device testing.
  • Forensics Isolation.
  • Perfect for 802.11a, b, g, n, WiMAX
  • Cellular, PCS, GSM, 3G testing
  • 802.15, Bluetooth, Wibree, RFID, ZigBee testing
  • Wide variety of I/O options are standard!
  • Super isolation up to 18 GHz.
  • RF radiating test fixture models for absolute repeatability testing of wireless devices.
  • Stock models to fit your custom applications.

RF Shield Box STE3300F Specifications

  • RF absorbent foam liner
  • Exclusive double lip RF tight gasket
  • Universal I/O connecter interface plate
  • Easy release latch system
  • Steady-hold hinge system
  • Designed to test complete systems


  • Isolation:
    • -90dB @ 2GHz
    • -90dB @ 3GHz
    • -80dB @ 6GHz
  •  Dimension:
    • Outside: 9.75"H x 18"W x 12"D
    • Inside: 8.25"H x 16.75"W x 10.75"D


The STE3300F is the big brother to the STE2200F. It is specifically designed to secure and power multiple cell phones and other communications devices, as well as larger PDAs and the latest and very popular Wireless Micro PCs, such as the Sony VAIO UX series. 120VAC filtered power inputs are standard, terminating in a 6 pole AC outlet strip inside the enclosure to plug in various chargers for the isolated devices. An RF filtered DB9/USB 1.1 bulkhead feedthru is also provided standard to give you data access to the wireless device under test or observation. Both interfaces are built into the standard Ramsey removable I/O panel giving you ample room for additional connectors and interfaces to meet your custom requirements, while maintaining non-custom stock delivery schedules.

Just like the STE2200F, heavy duty, rugged .090 and .125 aluminum is used throughout, and our double lip, high performance gaskets are used at all joints assuring a reliable RF tight closure.  RF absorbent foam lines the entire interior of the STE3300F providing an overall isolation greater than -90dB at 3GHz! Dual padlockable latches and tamper-proof hardware is used to maintain security of the enclosed devices. If you are looking for large secure and RF isolated storage for multiple cell phones, the STE3300F will hold approximately 60 average size cell phones in a secure RF isolated environment.


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