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TC-5953A Pneumatic WLAN and Wi-Fi RF Shield Box
TC-5953A Pneumatic WLAN and Wi-Fi RF Shield Box

Pneumatic WLAN & Wi-Fi TC-5953A Key Benefits

  • High RF Shielding
  • Pneumatic Control for manual or semi-automatic operation of RF Shield Box DUT fixture and enclosure lid
  • EMI Filters on all data and DC lines
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g
  • Applicable to CardBus / PCMCIA, mini PCI, USB, or LAN devices.
  • Built-in Bridge for reliable data cable extension
  • Built-in Hot Swap Capability for mini PCI device
  • Banana Jack for using external DC power
  • RS-232C open-close control
  • Lid Operation Sensing System for safety
  • Safety Protective Shield
  • Customization to meet various data and RF shield and testing connection requirements
  • Customized fixtures that are easily and quickly swappable
  • CE compliant : EN 292-1:1991, EN 292-2:1991/A1:1995, EN 983:1996, EN 1050:1996, EN 60204-1:1997

Pneumatic WLAN & Wi-Fi TC-5953A Specifications

  • RF Shield: >55dB, 2.4 GHz and >50dB, 5.8 GHz
  • RF Connectors: Two N-Type, Two SMA-Type
  • Data I/O Connectors: 100 pin Shielded Flat Cable, RJ45, USB Adapter Cable
  • Remote Control: TS232C, 3 Wire, DB9 Type
  • Compressed Air Requirement: 5 to 10 Bars
  • Compressed Air Connector: Sang-A PMM06, 6 mm push on fitting
  • Airline Connector between Fixture and Main Body: 4 mm push on fitting
  • Line Voltage: 100 - 240 Volts AC 50/60 Hz, 16 Watt
  • Dimension : 342(W) x 239(D) x 262(H) mm, close state. 410(H) mm, open state
  • Weight without fixture : 14 kg

The TC-5953A Series pneumatic WLAN and Wi-Fi RF shield box provides an efficient RF test environment for high volume manufacturing or repair of WLAN and Wi-Fi devices where high throughput and testing reliability is required.

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