RF Shield Box by Concentric Technology Solutions, Inc.


TC-5922B/BP RF Shield Box

RF Shield Box TC-5922B/BP Key Benefits

  • High RF Shielding
  • Manual Operation
  • EMI Filters on all data and DC lines
  • Customization to meet various data and RF connector requirements
  • Customized fixtures that are easily and quickly swappable
  • Pneumatic version available

RF Shield Box TC-5922B/BP Specifications

*Effectiveness measured may vary based on I/O module. See datasheet for ranges with other standard module configurations.

The TC-5922B Shield Box provides an effective RF isolated test environment for testing mobile, WLAN and other small RF devices. In addition of providing you two built-in SMA RF connectors, this box offers a choice of various optional IO modules to meet your product interface requirements The TC-5922 are available in various versions of closing mechanism from totally manual, electromagnetic, and pneuamatic versions; as well as wider taller versions with ferrite absorber lining.


Download Data Sheet B Version

Download Data Sheet B-01 Version

Download Data Sheet BP-01 Version


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