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TC-5901B Pneumatic RF Shield Box
TC-5901B Manual RF Shield Box

Pneumatic RF Shield Box TC-5901B Key Benefits

  • High RF Shield, >80dB
  • Pneumatic Control for manual or semi-automatic operation of RF
  • Shield Box DUT Fixture and lid
  • EMI Filters on all data and DC lines
  • RS-232C open-close control
  • Safety Protective Shield
  • Customization to meet various data and RF connector requirements
  • Customized fixtures that are easily and quickly swappable
  • Red and Green LED for the pass/fail indication

Pneumatic RF Shield Box TC-5901B Specifications

  • RF Shield Effectiveness: >80dB, DC ~ 2.5GHz
  • RF Connectors: 2 Type-N (external), 2 SMA (internal)
  • Data Connectors:
    • 2 DB9(p) outside and DB9(s) inside, 1000pF Pi filter
    • DB25(p) outside and DB25(s) inside, 1000pF Pi filter
    • DB9(p) outside and DB9(s) inside, for LAN or USB 1.1, 100pF Pi filter
  • Data Line Capacity: 100 VDC, 3A Max
  • Remote Control: RS232, 3 Wire, 9 pin D Type connector
  • Compressed Air Requirement: 5 to 10 Bar
  • Compressed Airline Connector: Sang-A PMM06, 6 mm push on fitting
  • Air Connector Between fixture and main body: 4 mm push on fitting
  • Line Voltage: Universal 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 16 watt
  • Working Space: 408(W) x 218(D) x 135(H) mm
  • Dimensions: 459(W) x 300(D) x 302(H) mm, Lid Closed. 449(H) mm, Lid Open
  • Weight without Accessories: 20 kg
TC-5901B Pneumatic Shield Box is about 50% larger in test area and height than the other popular TC-595X series shield boxes, providing more flexibility in handling larger devices and test fixtures. This product provides an efficient RF-isolated test environment for manufacturing mobile phones and wireless PDA’s.


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