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mmWave TC-5570A RF Shield Box


mmWave RF Shield Box TC-5570A Key Features

  • Designed specifically for Millimeter Wave Testing
  • Reilable High RF Shielding from 700MHz to 67GHz
  • EMI Filters on all data and power ports
  • Customizable data and RF connections
  • Properietary Absorber Installed for stable repeatable measurements.

mmWave RF Shield Box TC-5570A Specifications

  • RF Shield Effectiveness:
  • Inner Dimension 802W) x 762(D) x 644H) mm
  • Outer Dimension 916(W) x 940(D) x 856(H)mm
  • Weight: Approx 75Kg

View Data Sheet for optional data and RF connectors

The mmWave TC-5570A RF Shield Box provides both high RF isolation and room for testing mediam to large 5G mmWAve wireless devices. TC-The new mmWave TC-5570A RF Shield Box is a must if you are doing 5G testing. ideal test platform for Engineering, Manufacturing, or Repair service due to it's ergonomic design. Providing a reliable high isolation for repeatability in testing.


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